AHRQ creates COVID-19 training network designed for nursing homes

The Agency just for Healthcare Research and Quality together with the University of New Mexico’s Project REPLICATE and the Institute for Healthcare Enhancement have partnered to establish a system that will provide training on COVID-19-related safety practices for nursing house employees.

The particular network, dubbed the National Nursing Home COVID Actions Network, was established as part of $2 billion in congressional funding HHS received from Congress under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Protection (CARES) Act to improve infection control within nursing homes. The network is portion of an AHRQ contract valued as much as $237 million.

Nursing homes are vulnerable to outbreaks associated with COVID-19 because of the age, frailty plus sickliness of residents as well as the public living practices. In response, the federal government offers offered support in order to nursing homes through additional funding plus training opportunities.

“Protecting vulnerable older Americans within nursing homes is a central part of our own fight against COVID-19, and we’ve found that improving infection control in many nursing homes is just not a matter of will but of ability, ” said HHS Secretary Alex Azar in a statement. “AHRQ is definitely deploying its unique expertise together with Project ECHO and IHI to assist nursing homes protect both their occupants and staff from the virus, decreasing the spread and saving lifestyles. ”

The greater than 15, 000 nursing homes countrywide that receive Medicare and Medical planning reimbursement can participate in the system. The training is 16 weeks lengthy and uses a curriculum established from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. A few of the topic areas of the training program best practices for using personal protecting equipment, infection control practices during COVID-19 and how to manage asymptomatic or slight cases of the virus. The programs will be modified as more is discovered the virus, AHRQ said in a seo press releases.

Project REPLICATE is reaching out to academic medical facilities and health centers that can sponsor the training program for area nursing facilities.

Training sessions may also be available online each week and hosted simply by quality improvement experts.

Nursing homes that participate positively in the network will receive $6, 000 to cover staff time invested training, according to AHRQ.