Azure Cross Blue Shield Association titles new CEO

The Blue Cross Azure Shield Association has named Betty A. Keck as its new TOP DOG. She’s the first woman to assist in the role since the Chicago-based company founding.

The Organization announced in June 2019 that will longtime CEO Scott Serota would certainly retire at the end of 2020.

Keck, 56, currently leads Glowing blue Cross & Blue Shield associated with Rhode Island. She’s also has already been an active member of the BCBSA panel, serving on the Finance and Review Committee, the Organization and Governance Panel and the Health Policy and Advocacy Committee.

“Given the girl deep knowledge of the business and the Azure system, and her track record being an incisive leader who is laser centered on results, I am confident that below Kim’s leadership, the Blues may continue to grow and become an ever-more important voice in shaping the particular transformation of the U. S. medical care system, ” David L. Holmberg, BCBSA board chair and TOP DOG of Highmark Health, said within a statement.

The BCBSA is a federation of 36 self-employed Blues companies, including Blue Combination Blue Shield of Illinois.

Prior to joining Blue Combination & Blue Shield of Rhode Island, Keck spent 28 yrs at Aetna where she offered as president of Aetna’s northeast region and interim president from the southeast region.

“At this seminal moment in our background, when we face the dual difficulties of a public health crisis as well as a centuries-old crisis of systemic racism that has created significant inequities, it might be time to reimagine and realize a much better future, ” Keck said within the statement. “I see enormous chance to shape and transform the state associated with health care in our country. ”