Curry Leaf and Mustard Oil Mayo

[Photographs: Nik Sharma]

Adapted through The Taste Equation simply by Nik Sharma, with permission simply by Chronicle Books, 2020.

The wasabi-like heat associated with golden-yellow mustard oil matched using the perfume of curry leaves provides this mayonnaise its bold delicious character. Use it as you would normal mayonnaise: as a dipper for Fries and roasted potatoes, and on your own sandwiches. I like to use it on summer time tomato sandwiches, with a few crispy fried curry leaves as an ornament.

This recipe could be further tailored to your taste. For instance , for an extra kick of high temperature, you can use cayenne instead of red chile powder, and to give the mayonnaise the deeper yellow color, you can add 0.25 of a teaspoon of ground turmeric.