' Embrace' differences: Teen secures report for world' s longest woman legs

A US teenager who has the planet record for the longest female hip and legs is encouraging people with unique actual physical attributes to “embrace” them.

Maci Currin from Tx has a right leg that is 134. 3cm long and a left lower-leg that is 135. 3cm long.

She stands at 6ft 10in and it wasn’t until the lady was offered a custom-made set of leggings two years ago that the girl realised she could have record-breaking hip and legs.

Image: Maci urges people to ’embrace’ their unique actual physical attributes

The particular 17-year-old said her message to the people with unusual physical attributes is certainly “don’t hide it – accept it” and she hopes her report title will inspire other high women.

While the girl finds it difficult to get through some entrances, into cars, or into several clothes, her long legs possess advantages when she is playing on her behalf school’s volleyball team.

According to Guinness World Records, Maci wants to go to university in the UK.

Maci took the world record from Russia’s Ekaterina Lisina.

However despite her long legs, she actually is a long way from being the highest woman, a record held by Sunlight Fang from China, who appears at 7ft 3in.