EUROPÄISCHER FUßBALLVERBAND ' strongly opposes' European Leading League plans

UEFA “strongly opposes” plans to get an European Premier League and demands the principles of promotion plus relegation are “non-negotiable”.

The governing body has informed Sky Sports News it believes a Western european Super League or variants would certainly “become boring”, after it surfaced FIFA experienced backed new plans involving Stansted United and Liverpool .

In a statement just hrs after the revelations on Tuesday, the UEFA spokesman said: “The EUROPÄISCHER FUßBALLVERBAND president has made it clear upon many occasions that UEFA highly opposes a Super League.

“The principles of solidarity, associated with promotion, relegation and open leagues are non-negotiable. It is what makes Western football work and the Champions Little league the best sports competition in the world.

“UEFA and the clubs are usually committed to build on such strength to not destroy it to create a super little league of 10, 12, even twenty-four clubs, which would inevitably become dull. ”

Skies News has found that financiers are assembling a $6 billion (£4. 6 billion) financing package to assist the creation associated with what could become known as the Western Premier League.

Image: New facts about a change to European membership football have come in the week the particular Champions League gets back underway

More than a number of teams from England, France, Indonesia, Italy and Spain are in discussions about becoming founder members from the competition.

As many as 5 English clubs could sign up to sign up for it, with a provisional start time said to have been discussed as early as 2022, and the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, Stansted City and Tottenham Hotspur all of the approached, according to insiders.

All clubs involved, as well as FIFA, have declined to comment whenever contacted by Sky Sports News.

‘Surprise if this turns into reality’

Analysis by Bryan Swanson

Sky News reporter Mark Kleinman’s excellent scoop provides reopened old wounds about the danger of Europe’s top clubs busting free from UEFA.

Western european football’s governing body takes a naturally dim view of any plans that threaten its flagship membership competition, the Champions League, plus Aleksander Ceferin has previously cautioned that any new super little league will become “boring”.

FIFA declined to comment on the Skies News report but has pointedly referred to “topics which come up every single now and then”. In other words, this cannot deny that the issue continues to be under discussion but nothing more substantive at this stage. Tellingly, FIFA has not refused it supports these new plans.

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Sky Sports’ Gary Neville says the time of talks about an European Leading League during a pandemic are ‘obscene’ and there is a danger ‘football may eat itself’

JP Morgan’s involvement along with any funding package is substantial. Ed Woodward, Manchester United’s professional vice-president, is a former investment bank with the financial giant.

But if this new league would be to kick off as early as 2022, in an already-disrupted World Cup year, there would need to be considerable hurdles to get over.

UEFA has a structure, and lucrative TV contracts, in position until 2024 and companies possess paid big money for the rights in order to broadcast games involving Europe’s best clubs.

A ‘European Premier League’ would also have a substantial impact on the value of the Premier Little league too. What if finishing in the best four no longer matters? What happens to the compelling drama if Western participation was guaranteed to only a choose number of clubs, regardless of where they complete?

UEFA controls the particular Champions League, Europa League, Countries League and European Championship. Might players who compete in this brand new competition have to give up their directly to play in the Euros, for example? You’ll be able.

Why would EUROPÄISCHER FUßBALLVERBAND want to endorse any player which usually goes against its other contests? The Football Association, which scholarships European licences to its night clubs, holds the key to almost every household issue but it has declined in order to comment.

It would be a substantial surprise if this becomes a reality, in the current form, but it will create further debate and focus thoughts in the corridors of power.

The timing of leakages, as always, is significant and EUROPÄISCHER FUßBALLVERBAND has yet to decide its Winners League format from 2024. Look at a £4 billion investment program, at a time of a global pandemic, which includes smaller clubs in crisis, will never sit comfortably with many in the game.

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