Everyone Poops, but Not Everyone Has a Bidet. Change That With the BioBidet Happiness, Now 57% Off

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BioBidet Happiness BB2000 | $640 | Amazon

Whenever we’re huddled around the fire, informing our grandchildren about the beginnings from the 2020 pandemic, there’s no doubt the truly great Toilet Paper Shortage will get a minimum of a nod. Once people got wind flow of that, bidets started going out of share, too. It makes sense; your apartment’s currently got water flowing, toilet document stock is one less thing to consider having to trek into the store meant for, and you’re saving a bit of document along the way. Right now, the BioBidet Bliss BB2000 is down from $1, 500 to $640. Still a huge ol’ yikes from me, in case you want a bidet with an on-demand home heating, stainless steel nozzle, wireless controls, plus motors, go for it.


Not every bidets are this pricey, plus a quick search on Amazon shows there are plenty of good ones you can get for the lower price. Here’s 1 for $43 , one more for $29 , and a fancy one regarding $90; take your pick.