Scotland to move back into level system along with stay-at-home order ending on five April

Scotland’s route out of lockdown will come in stages, with the country’s stay-at-home order set to end on five April, followed weeks later with a return to a system of levels.

Unveiling the plan, First Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) Nicola Sturgeon told MSPs that will at present there is “limited scope” to help relieve restrictions.

She stated the Scottish government would be able to provide more details in mid-March on how limitations will be eased from April onwards.

The detail the girl unveiled this afternoon included:

15 03 – Next stage of school returns; outdoor non-contact team sports; more mixing between families
5 April — Stay-at-home order to be lifted; public worship; final phase of go back to schools
26 April – Scotland to move back into Degree 3