Sturgeon accused of misleading parliament more than when she first knew associated with Salmond allegations

Nicola Sturgeon insists she has “nothing to hide” over the Alex Salmond inquiry, after being accused associated with misleading parliament about when the lady first knew of allegations towards him.

The first ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) previously said she was first produced aware of complaints against her precursor when he told her in a conference at her home on two April 2018.

However it has since emerged she had been informed during a meeting with Mr Salmond’s former chief of staff Geoff Aberdein several days earlier — on 29 March.

Image: Alex Salmond was acquitted of sexual attack charges earlier this year

Mr Salmond was eliminated of 13 charges of sex assault, attempted rape and indecent exposure on the High Court in Edinburgh within March 2020.

The situation followed legal action taken by Mister Salmond, which found the Scottish government’s handling of complaints towards him had been unlawful. He had been awarded more than £500, 000.

Ms Sturgeon said she had forgotten regarding the meeting with Mr Aberdein in proof submitted to a committee set up to check into the matter.

During 1st Minister’s Questions on Thursday, Microsoft Sturgeon was challenged by the Conservatives’ Holyrood leader Ruth Davidson upon whether her claim to have overlooked was “credible”.

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Microsoft Sturgeon said: “I get the reason why people will look at that and increase an eyebrow.

“There is something seared on the memory and it is actually the conference that took place some three times later when Alex Salmond themselves sat in my own home and offered me the details of the complaints that had been produced against him and also gave me their response to aspects of those complaints.

“That is what seared within my memory and I think most reasonable people might understand that.

“Forgive me personally if that has somehow overwritten within my mind a much more fleeting, opportunistic conference that took place a few days earlier, which is just how it is. ”

The first minister repeatedly added the lady wants to appear before the committee in order to answer any questions MSPs might have, adding that she is “looking forward” to giving evidence.

Ruth Davidson

Picture: Ruth Davidson said the first minister’s explanation was ‘beyond belief’

Ms Davidson stated the explanation given by the first minister “does not even bear the lightest scrutiny”, adding it is “beyond belief”.

But Ms Sturgeon strike back: “That is the fact, others can decide to give their own evidence : I will give mine and I will certainly sit before a committee anytime the committee decides to contact me and I will do that upon oath and I will give my accounts of what happened.

“I have got nothing to hide in all of the. ”

Ms Davidson went on to ask the first ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) if she believes a judge-led inquiry should be launched to look to the handling of the complaints, an idea submit by SNP MSP Alex Neil.

Ms Sturgeon mentioned: “There is a parliamentary inquiry below way that I’ve given proof to and that I will sit before and give evidence to orally, I am going to do it under oath.

“I’ve got nothing to hide in most of this. I’ve had two years or even more of people making accusations about our conduct.

“It’s not really my conduct that sparked away from this, I’ve tried to act by using the methods described in this article – if I’ve made errors along the way then I will say that and individuals can make their judgments.

“But I have tried to do the correct thing and I will continue to attempt to do the right thing. ”