' You can go to the pub for a curry but not a pint': Pubs discouraged over new COVID rules

They should be taking £80, 000 in the bar at The Sandon pub within Liverpool  this Saturday.  

The Merseyside derby is generally one of their busiest fixtures in which the staff are flat out. On average, they will drain a 176-pint barrel associated with beer every four minutes.

The pub stands within the shadow of Anfield stadium plus holds a special place in the club’s history – the paperwork that will led to the formation of the golf club in 1892 was signed within the bar.

Image: The back backyard of The Sandon on a normal suit day. Pic: The Sandon

“When you get right here on matchdays you will never have experienced something like it, it’s electric, ” landlady Kate Stewart told us.

“It’s fans coming jointly, it’s doctors, it’s binmen, they have so special. ”

And now these are one of the thousand or so pubs over the Liverpool city region closing their own doors as the city is placed underneath the new Tier a few restrictions .

“To go to bed and have a business that will turns over £5m and to awaken in the morning to something that turns more than nothing and is draining my banking account is absolutely heartbreaking, ” Ms Stewart added.

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“It’s like a demise… and there’s not even any lighting at all at the end of the tunnel. inch

Beneath the pub there are a rabbit warren of cellars giving over a hundred beer pumps within the Sandon’s various bars and functionality rooms.

Ms Stewart is again facing the prospect associated with losing thousands of pounds that she has tangled up in the stock.

Kate Stewart states she faces losing thousands of pounds within stock

Image: Kate Stewart says the lady faces losing thousands of pounds in share

“I refuses to let it go to waste – Items give it away if I have to, inch she said.

“I have just got no objective right now. I’m a businesswoman without business to run… I’m just influenced to by the government and COVID. ”

The decision in order to close the doors is one that affects, particularly when they have no faith about what the government is trying to do.

“I feel embarrassed by what the federal government are doing because it’s not clear, there is logic, ” Ms Stewart mentioned.

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“They tell you that you can go to a bar and have a pie in front of you however, you can’t go to a pub and have the pint in front of you.

“It’s all a big joke and that’s why individuals aren’t adhering to it because they don’t think what the government are telling all of them because it makes no sense. inch

She continued: “We’ve got track and trace, we have all the policies and procedures in position for COVID but now people will certainly just have house parties and unregulated raves… that’s where the trouble is certainly gonna start.

“We’ve done everything and they close all of us down… good luck with that as a strategy. ”